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Black Bow
Black Bow
digital print
13x19 inches

Along this journey we call life, I’ve experienced my share of thunderstorms. One everyday obstacle is that of my poor physical condition. Since the young age of nineteen, I have been living with chronic back pain due to an extreme fall. The diagnosis was of three herniated discs in the lower lumbar spinal cord. Surgery was required on the L5-L4 area of the spine. Since that day forward, my life has never been the same. Due to intense physical pain, college was postponed and my priority became my wellbeing. In addition, to the three herniated discs from the fall, I suffered an irreversible injury that left me with two herniated discs in the cervical area and another in the lumbar area. As a result of this injury, I was consumed in depression, which was a product of unbearable physical pain.
The digital images are a product of that dark period in my life. It comes from the unbearable pain experienced everyday. It comes from the within.
The black bow in my culture (Mexican) means death. Usually when a love one dies a black bow is hung over the main door to let others know that a love one has passed. In the American culture a ribbon around the finger is a reminder. Both cultures are embedded in me therefore the black bow in this piece stands for mourning, depression and the death
of my spirit at some point in time.... and what I have gone through….a reminder.