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Izel, part of the a Soy Mujer Craetion
Izel, part of the a Soy Mujer Craetion
acrylic on canvas

This piece will be part of "Latina’s, Guerrilleras de la Vida" exhibit at the Des Plaines Library from August 1-28, 2009

It will also be at 8th Annual Pilsen Together Chamber of Commerce August 29, 2009

1 in 10 women have some kind of eating disorder
11.3% of women suffer from bulimia
50% of women are in some kind of diet

Soy Mujer Creations are designed by a Mexican-American woman and are made for all women. In today's society women are bombarded with images of thin models that are not realistically proportioned. Soy Mujer Creations is dedicated to empowering in our society through their trees and flowers shaped into curvaceous and voluptuous women.
These four unique designs bring out the wonders of nature by way of praising women bodies that, although not well regarded by our society, they represent the average and more realistic shape. They are divine and precious with a splendor as well as majestic with a radiance unique to a curvaceous woman.
Soy Mujer Creations designs can be found on items such as vases, notepads and tote bags. It is also possible to order personalized items. We are open to suggestions and personal preferences and tastes.
Moreover, each design has an Aztec name. Teoxihuitl means precious and divine. Teoxihuitl is the summer tree with the curves that kill. Tlanextli means radiance majesty and splendor. This tree displays its beautiful colors in the fall. Xochiguetzal means beautiful flower-tree and it stands tall and proud, representing fertility. Xochiguetzal is like a sunflower. Last but certainly the not least is the smallest of all four Izel. Izel means unique. She also represents fertility and spunkiness. Izel is a calla lily.

Mother Nature made all women different each one with their own enchantments. She also went to work on the trees and flowers giving them that special delicate touch. Her artwork is displayed throughout the valleys, rivers, forests and even in your garden. Her masterpiece, however, is women, which is the complement to her artwork, the tree. She made women grounded and proud of her roots. Moat trees give some sort of fruit just like women are the source of life. Trees have strong branches that grow upwards towards the heavens where the stars shine bright at night. That's where women reach for. The place they hold fast to their dreams. The leaves are our hearts that we give away. These hearts that are full of love. Love that is spread across endlessly. Love that stays with us, love that hurts us and scares us forever. But for every scary moment there is a love that nurtures us, and sprinkles with patience to help us grow strong and straight just like trees.